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LGN 247 is the most complete weight loss program on the market today.  Using cutting edge ingredients to maximize fat loss LGN 247 makes you feel great while losing weight.  Simply take 1 Lean in the morning, 1 Lite at lunch, and 1 Nite before bed.  You will have more energy, less appetite, and get a more restful night of sleep.  
ADD the Tone Red to enhance mid section weight reduction.
LGN247 comes in three strengths;
  • LITE- Lean, Lite, Nite - low stimulant, strong appetite control and great metabolism boost.  
  • ADVANCED- Lean, Slim, Nite - great energy, stronger metabolism boost than Lite, great thermogenic effect. 
  • MAX- Lean, Shredz- Nite - The strongest version of LGN247 with extreme energy, appetite control, and metabolism.  

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