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immunag 7.5 mg tablets


Product Details 

ImmunAG™ is a cannabinoid-rich extract of Asian hops vine flowers. It contains the non-psychotropic cannabinoids CBD, and the medicinal terpenes caryophyllene and humulene. Highly potent, ImmunAG tested at least 76% more bioactive than commercial CBD products from hemp. The organic hops vines used to make ImmunAG are naturally 100% THC-free and legal worldwide.  

The 7.5mg strength is designed for general wellness maintenance and to support calm, optimistic moods.  

Each glass bottle contains one month’s supply: 30 tiny, round, easy-to-swallow tablets. Each tablet contains 7.5 mg of ImmunAG in a timed-release format. They are engineered to dissolve slowly and sustain therapeutic blood plasma levels for up to 6 hours per dose.  

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