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  • ALL NATURAL AND CLINICALLY STUDIED!!  Supplementing with Phosphatidic Acid subjects saw over 30% increase in lean muscle mass, lost significant body fat, and gained over 30% in strength.  Plus, Amino Acid absorption increased and ATP production rose by over 10%!!


  • INCREASE mTOR ACTIVATION - mTOR is the main regulator of muscle protein synthesis. mTOR has been reported as essential for the growth of skeletal muscle. Scientists have discovered that the body can trigger this receptor to take action by supplying it with PHOSPHATIDIC ACID.


  • BOOST mTOR ACTIVATION SAFELY - While steroids increase mTOR activation by boosting testosterone, many health complications are caused by this.  Phosphatidic Acidr works with muscle tissues at the cellular level to boost muscle growth and fat loss without the side effects of steroids.


  • TESTED & APPROVED BY PROFESSIONALS - PHOSPHATIDIC ACID is certified Safe for Sport by the NSF and is used legally by athletes who actively compete in the US Olympics, NFL, UFC, MLB, and NASCAR.


  • DIRECTIONS - For Light to Moderate Training; Take 1-2 capsules per day immediately upon waking or 30 minutes to 1 hour before exercise. Then, increase to the full dosage of 3-4 capsules per day if desired.

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